Glorious Games wish to thank the following individuals:

Andreas Erstling for designing the Path to Pelantas logo, the hunt map and the rest of the artwork.

Homepage: or

Trine de Florie for creating our new flash banners.


Henrik Summanen for blessing our battles with atmospheric music.


Jesper Thorning for his help with the general layout of the game.

Jacob Ettrup Pedersen (Lord Manaman) for his artistic help with the old banners and icons.

Our closed beta test participants for commitment and time!

Various metal artists for inspiration in the world of glory!

Glorious Games are:

Pelle Ankersen (Lord Goffdahl) - Disciple contact and master of the pen

Jesper Helbo Jensen (Lord McKnight) - Eloquent bard and exquisite ink spreader

Simon Grundtvig Christensen (Lord Grundtvig) - Supreme master of logic and juggler of numbers

Martin Langhorn Ottosen (Lord Mandragoran) - Master craftsman and scholar of the ether

Daniel Llorente Tabor (Lord Llorente) - All-mighty master of the wind and behind-the-scenes conjurer of magic

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