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Path to Pelantas takes place in a world very different from ours… Path to Pelantas is a game, where you manage a party of different heroes with unique skills and abilities. The heroes battle for glory in the numerous arenas around the world. They all strive to gain enough glory to be able to live a joyous life in Pelantas when they retire.

It is your job as a lord to make sure your heroes get the experience needed, so they eventually will be ready for an afterlife in Pelantas. You do this by recruiting talented heroes, training them in their skills, trading heroes, completing dangerous quests, defeating monsters, winning large battle tournaments and much, much more. Path to Pelantas is never-ending. After every season the parties that have gained the most glorypoints are promoted and those who have gained the least are relegated. The best of the best will be found in the legendary Conquest tournament. Will you concentrate on winning battles in the arena? Do you want to be the best monster-hunter ever? Will you strive for having the capital of your region? Or would you rather go down in history as the lord with the most famous and legendary heroes? There are many ways to be successful in Path to Pelantas… You decide how you play.

Path to Pelantas is a simple game. You should be able to play the game by only a few logins every week. However, the game has many facets, and there are many means to optimise your chances of success. Therefore we strongly recommend that you read the rules and read them carefully. And if you’re not completely with me on the Pelantas stuff, you had better check out the
History Section

We are looking forward to crossing swords with you and your heroes in the arena! Pelantas awaits thee!

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